Rockdale attorney’s cousin, Kerry Washington, makes 10-page spread in Elle

Rockdale Attorney Gary Washington has another reason to be proud of his celebrity cousin, Kerry Washington.

Kerry, who endorsed Gary Washington in his bid this summer for Rockdale Superior Court judge, is featured in the December issue of Elle magazine.

The actress, who is getting a lot of attention these days (9.1 million viewers for her primetime role on the political thriller Scandal), has redefined the look of a powerful woman in the 10-page spread in Elle.

And that high fashion look on Kerry’s petite, 5’4 frame doesn’t include a single suit. 

Kerry tells Elle that she is “blessed” to be getting all of the attention she’s getting these days.

She has had a slew of projects including serving as one of the presenters on the BET awards this summer. Don’t forget to look for her on Christmas day.

Kerry plays one of the leading roles in the antebellum South movie, Django Unchained.