Rockdale siblings group, Amayz, to release album this spring

Check out a video we shot of Amayz doing what they do best, here.

They call themselves Amayz—a play on their last name: Mays. For the two brothers and two sisters, singing inspirational music is something they more or less grew into, thanks to their parents, who enjoy singing.


“We have been singing all our lives, mostly with our parents in church,” said Charles Mays, Jr. “We didn’t really like it at first, but when we re-arranged some of the old hymns that our parents wanted us to sing, we started to like it and realized this was our calling.”


Charles, Jr., 25, Stephanie, 23, Michael, 19, and Lauren, 13, are the children of Rockdale County’s Probate Judge Charles Mays and his wife, Victoria.


When asked how they started their group, the siblings answered in unison: “He made us,” jokingly pointing at Judge Mays.


“They’ve always had a lot of talent in writing poetry and singing,” Judge Mays said. “I saw it in them before they could see it in themselves.”


Amayz is currently recording a new album expected to be completed this spring so the group can tour this summer. The group says the album—its third—will highlight their overall message, “Inspiration for every generation.”


The siblings formed Amayz in 2005 and since that time, they have performed throughout Georgia and Missouri, singing at youth conferences, churches and special events. Some of those events include the Georgia Black Caucus, Georgia Sickle Cell Foundation and Hosea Feed the Hungry.


The group’s most recent performance—the Feb. 1 swearing-in ceremony for the Rockdale Democratic Party—was especially important to their father, who administered the oaths of office to the officers and post holders. Amayz sang an a cappella rendition of the national anthem and received rousing applause from the audience.


“When you hear them, they have the natural ability to harmonize,” said Judge Mays. The four siblings not only sing together, but they also go to school together—at home. The three older Mays spend their days taking classes online at Westwood College, while the youngest Mays is home schooled by mom, Victoria Mays. When they’re not going to school or singing, they’re working the family business: Mays Construction.


“Tile, carpentry, roofing, electric work, home repair; we can pretty much do it all when it comes to repairing a house,” said Stephanie, who writes most of the group’s music and comes up with their chorography. “You can apply a lot of the same disciplines to recording, but making a song is definitely easier than construction. In fact, sometimes, songs just come to me when we are cleaning or taking care of a house.”


The siblings say they enjoy several styles of music including praise and worship, pop, contemporary, hip-hop and inspirational.


“We like groups like Mary Mary and Kirk Franklin but we do our own thing. We have to keep it different,” said Michael Mays. “We get to spread God’s word, meet new people, and have fun while praising the Lord.”


“Amayz” will perform on Feb. 28 at Rockdale County High School in Conyers as part of a school youth program.


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