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Lithonia seniors ready to showdown with Motown  There will be plenty of platform shoes, bell-bottoms and singing seniors on Sept. 19 in Lithonia. The young at heart will be competing for bragging righ


Austell teen sentenced to 20 years for brutal beating of senior citizen


Quiantae Collins, 18, of Austell was sentenced to 20 years for the robbery and assault of a 78-year-old Lithonia woman. DeKalb County Superior Court Judge Mark Scott made 15 years of the sentence mandatory behind bars.  

On Sept. 17, 2013, Collins knocked on the victim¹s door and asked to borrow detergent for his grandmother. When she opened the door, he choked her and knocked her to the floor, then he hit her and kicked her several times in the chest. He stole a check from her checkbook and stole her vehicle. He was later apprehended by DeKalb County police officers.  He had the stolen check in his pocket when he was arrested.

"(Collins) will have more than a decade behind bars to think about this brutal and senseless attack on an innocent senior citizen," said District Attorney Robert James. "Our office works tirelessly to combat crimes and scams against seniors in DeKalb County.  Hopefully, this sentence sends a resounding message to those who seek to prey on vulnerable adults."

Deputy Chief Assistant Attorney Jeanne Canavan served as lead prosecutor on the case.

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