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  AARP Georgia will host a panel discussion focused on age discrimination in the workplace on Friday, Oct. 17, 10 a.m. to noon, at Georgia Public Broadcasting 260 14th St., N.W., Atlanta.     The Asso


Thieves strike Stone Mountain church again


Antioch AME Church in Stone Mountain was hit by thieves again. This time, the church will have to replace five air-conditioning units on its campus at 765 South Hairston Road.


The incident occurred on Monday, May 12 between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m., a church leader said. The thieves took the units apart, stealing the copper, compressors and a chunk of a metal frame.


The unit that services the church’s main sanctuary was still intact.


“Wednesday night bible study the temperature wasn’t bad because of the cool front,” said James Simon, a volunteer administrator. “We’re going on as normal. We can’t let it discourage us. We’re stronger in faith and belief than to let this bring us down.”



Antioch A.M.E. has been the victim of multiple thefts. Several times thieves have


stolen the catalytic converters from church buses.


In 2010, thieves hauled away a giant bell, which was in the backyard of the church.


“It weighed at least 1,000 pounds,” said James Simon.  “The only thing we can figure is they wanted to sell it for metal at a recycling center.”


The bell had been a part of the church and had sat outside for 20 years undisturbed.

The church reported the theft to DeKalb County Police. The bell was never recovered.  

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