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Lou Walker Senior Center offers exercise on Awareness Day   “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” The infamous Life Call alert system phrase is something you’re unlikely to hear from seniors in Lithonia w


Conyers gas line break shuts down Main Street


Several businesses and homes in the Main Street area were forced to evacuate after Conyers utility workers accidentally ruptured a two-inch gas main pipe, while working to replace a water line on June 5.


“We decided to evacuate residents and business owners on Peek Street from Main Street to Institution Street, due to changing winds,” said Conyers Police Spokesperson Kim Lucas.

Rockdale County’s Administrative Services, Human Resources and Board of
Commissioners offices, as well as two churches and about a dozen homes were closed and evacuated due to the break.  

Fire Chief Dan Morgan said after a three-hour shutdown, the two-block radius was deemed safe and there were no injuries reported.     


Dozens of Rockdale County employees were gathered in parking lots and along sidewalks waiting for the word to return to their offices. They were ultimately told that county offices in the area would be closed for the remainder of that Thursday.

Conyers resident Stacie Smith said the flammable fumes left a strong smell she won’t soon forget.


“It was a pungent smell for sure. I was disappointed that I couldn’t get home after running errands but I understand the street shutdown because if handled wrong, all the fumes in the air could have led to an explosion or something dangerous,” said Smith.  

Rockdale County officials reopened on June 6 for normal business hours.


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