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  AARP Georgia will host a panel discussion focused on age discrimination in the workplace on Friday, Oct. 17, 10 a.m. to noon, at Georgia Public Broadcasting 260 14th St., N.W., Atlanta.     The Asso


Stand Up for Kids donates 100 bikes to homeless teens in Atlanta


The Atlanta Chapter of Stand Up For Kids (SUFK), a non-profit founded in 1990 to help homeless and at-risk youths, donated more than 100 new mountain bikes to teens in need.


The bikes were donated with the help of a corporate sponsor who wants to remain anonymous. The non-profit said it was important to reward the teens for a challenging, yet successful academic year.


“Now these high school students can enjoy the summer with not only their very own set of wheels, but also a renewed, motivated perspective on themselves and life,” said Jennifer Greenlee, SUFK director of Mentor Programs. “The bikes will help break the barriers that prevent at-risk youth from getting and maintaining a job. The bikes will be essential transportation for them.”


SUFK members say when youths are not in an environment that is conducive to developing their self-efficacy, the greater the chances are of them engaging in destructive behaviors and falling even further behind. They say thanks to sponsors, the bikes will be a good way to keep at-risk youth on the right path.


“It is only through a network of partnerships that we are able to accomplish our goal of providing dozens of bikes for our students experiencing homelessness,” said Kelly Field, SUFK executive director. “For grassroots non-profits, reoccurring support from corporate partnerships are vital in being able to support homeless youth.”

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