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DeKalb: Use extreme caution on roads

State of Emergency

DeKalb County Interim CEO Lee May has signed a state of emergency declaration related to the winter storm for DeKalb County.

"DeKalb County has endured heavy sleet, freeing rain, and snow. Many of our county roads are impassable due to ice, traffic gridlock or both, caused by the sudden and severe winter weather," said May. "If at all possible, I am urging everyone to stay off the roads until conditions improve.  DeKalb Public Safety and Public Works employees are working 24 hours to get conditions back to safety and normalcy." 

May said he met with Deputy Chief Operating Officer Cedric Alexander to review emergency operations.

County administrative offices, including Parks and Recreation facilities, Senior Centers, water billing offices, Recorders Court and other administrative divisions will be closed Wednesday and report at normal business hours on Thursday morning.

The state of emergency declaration opens up resources necessary for government response. It also activates the DeKalb County Operations Plan, which assigns specific responsibilities to certain agencies.

County residents are urged to use extreme caution and check their local news for updates regarding severe weather. Tips for getting through cold weather safely and a listing for non-emergency numbers for various county departments are available at

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