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DeKalb Sheriff warns public to beware of bogus “warrant” calls

DeKalb County Sheriff Thomas Brown is warning citizens to beware of a phone scam where con artists are trying to collect money for fines and warrants.


Brown said the Sheriff’s Office is investigating a complaint concerning phony calls that are being made to dupe the public. Someone is calling citizens pretending to be an employee of the DeKalb County’s Warrant Unit. The suspect tells the citizen he is attempting to collect money for fines / warrants and if the person refuses to pay that day, a Sheriff’s car will be sent to arrest them.


Brown said citizens should not provide any personal information to the caller.


“At no time will any employee of the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office call to collect money or ask for credit card information to pay for warrants or fines,” Brown said. “At no time should you provide any personal or financial information to anyone that calls you.”


If a citizen does receive this type of call, hang up the phone and then notify the Sheriff’s Office or Police Department. Brown said be prepared to provide the authorities with the telephone number and the name provided by the caller. 


Brown is the 48th sheriff in the history of DeKalb County. His public service career began in 1972 as a firefighter for the City of Atlanta. In successive years, he served in various positions of leadership, advancing to Deputy Fire Chief of Operations at Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport.

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